NARAL Pro-Choice New York
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NARAL Pro-Choice New York is the state’s foremost pro-choice political and advocacy organization. We work every day to protect and advance access to the full range of reproductive health care to help women, men, and teens stay healthy and safe.
We create a statewide reproductive health and rights agenda, inform cutting-edge policy change, and partner with elected officials to pass proactive, pro-choice legislation, and defeat anti-choice initiatives. Our work is divided into five issue areas:
Every woman should have the right to safe, legal abortion care regardless of age, race, ethnicity or income.
All women, regardless of economic status, should have equal access to family planning services, including contraceptive care, in order to plan their families and their future.
We work to provide young people with honest, accurate information in order to make good decisions about relationships and sexual health.
Supporting reproductive freedom means supporting each woman’s ability to make the decision that is best for herself and her family, whether that means abortion, adoption or parenting.
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