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Updates: The Reproductive Health Act

Get the latest updates on what's happening with the Reproductive Health Act as we fight to get it passed during this current legislative session! Learn how you can take action in support of RHA here!

June 22, 2012 - The legislative session ended June 21, and yes, it went out with a whimper instead of a bang.

There was no last-minute excitement on the floor that led to passage of the Reproductive Health Act or any of the other progressive bills that would have improved life for New Yorkers.

You kept the pressure on the legislature and the governor right up until the final moments. Because of your action, Albany leaders heard the voice of New York’s loud and proud pro-choice majority.

Thank you for your commitment to protecting the reproductive health and dignity of New York’s women. We can’t imagine where this state would be without you.

Starting June 18th, there are only a few days left in the legislative session before the summer recess. NARAL Pro-Choice New York has teamed up with other progressive organizations to make sure bills that address important issues such as the Reproductive Health Act, hydrofracking, and the minimum wage make their way to the Senate floor for a vote. Visit Mission: Unaccomplished to sign the petition urging lawmakers to take action!
Statewide Call-In Day in support of the Reproductive Health Act was Monday, June 18th, 2012! Supporters picked up the phones in big numbers to let Gov. Andrew Cuomo know that our lawmakers cannot leave Albany for the summer without passing the Reproductive Health Act. We filled his voicemail and jammed up his phone lines throughout the day!

Check out the photos from the Reproductive Health Act press conference held at City Hall on Wednesday, May 2nd calling on all local elected officials in NYS to sign a letter in support of the passing of RHA!

Check out our photos from this year's We Are Pro-Choice New York: Albany Day of Action! We were in Albany on the first day after the legislative break to emphasize that the Reproductive Health Act must be a priority in the second half of the legislative session. In visits with dozens of legislators on Tuesday, April 17th, we emphasized that while our state may have led the nation as one of the first to recognize a woman’s right to choose, it is crucial to pass the Reproductive Health Act now so that New York State continues to protect women’s reproductive rights as the war on women rages across the country.
Watch the video of our President Andrea Miller's interview with Capitol Tonight's Liz Benjamin!
Read some of President Andrea Miller's opinion letters on RHA:

Last updated: May 2012

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