NARAL Pro-Choice New York
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Ensuring Access to Contraception

All women, men, and teens, regardless of economic status, should have equal access to family planning services and the information they need in order to plan their families and their future.
Affordable access to contraception is one of the best ways to prevent unintended pregnancies. Yet, anti-choice forces have launched an all-out attack on access to contraception. We work to increase public awareness of and access to the full range of contraceptive options, including emergency contraception, so that all New Yorkers can find the method that works best for them. 
We work to:

Protect family planning funding
Public funding for contraception for low-income women is essential. Over the past 30 years, clinics funded through the Title X family planning program have played a critical role in ensuring access to contraceptive services for millions of low-income or uninsured individuals. Every year, New York allocates state funds to Title X providers so that women and men who do not have private insurance and are not eligible for public programs are still able to receive comprehensive family planning services.
Raise awareness of different birth control methods

Expand access to emergency contraception
Emergency contraception (EC) is a safe and effective method of birth control that can prevent pregnancy after sex. We work to increase public awareness of and expand access to EC by participating in the Back Up Your Birth Control campaign to. Each year, on the Day of Action, we hit the streets in New York City to spread the word about EC and help ensure that all New Yorkers know how to back up their birth control if the unexpected happens.
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