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Making Choice a Reality

All women, regardless of economic status, should have the ability to access, and the means to exercise, their legal right to abortion.

The legal right to abortion means little if women do not have the means and ability to access it. One of the greatest barriers women face to receiving safe and timely abortion care is financial limitations. Low-income women should have equal access to comprehensive reproductive health care. 

We work to:

Protect insurance coverage of abortion
Insurance coverage of abortion has become a major new front in the war on choice. Our state has long sort to ensure that all women, regardless of where their insurance comes from, have coverage for abortion. As New York begins to implement health care reform, we’re working to keep it that way.

Support public funding for abortion
On the federal level, the Hyde Amendment prohibits funding for abortion care in federal health care programs. However, here in New York, we recognize that low-income women should have equal access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and therefore ensure that state Medicaid programs include coverage for abortion. We support continued state Medicaid funding for abortion. All women deserve the same peace of mind of knowing that they can obtain the safe medical care they need, regardless of where their insurance comes from.

Defend abortion providers
Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics provide critical reproductive health care and other basic preventive services to low-income women. On the federal level and in states across the country,anti-choice forces have stepped up their attacks on funding for family planning providers. In 2010, a bill was introduced here in New York State to take away state funding from Planned Parenthood and any organization that performs abortions. While it was ultimately pulled from the agenda one day before it was slated to come up for a vote, this bill was a reminder that even herein our state, basic reproductive health care is at risk.

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