NARAL Pro-Choice New York
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Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Families

Supporting reproductive freedom means supporting each woman’s ability to make the decision that is best for herself and her family, whether that means abortion, adoption or parenting.
All women should have the information, resources, and support necessary to make informed and empowered decisions about their reproductive lives. Women should have access to unbiased counseling about all their reproductive options. Pregnant and parenting women should get the support they need to raise healthy families.

We work to:

Expand access to prenatal care
For women who choose to carry a pregnancy to term, it is critical to have timely and affordable access to prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy. We support programs that provide funding for prenatal care for low-income women.

Support adoption counseling
A woman considering adoption should have access to unbiased information and support that allows her to make the decision that is best for her without pressure or judgment. Visit the Book of Choices for information on adoption resources.

Protect the rights of incarcerated women
New York is one of only four states in the nation to bar the shackling of pregnant women in prisons, jails, and detention centers. The anti-shackling law, passed and signed in 2009, requires correction officials statewide to transport pregnant women and those who have just given birth without using handcuffs and leg irons unless the inmate poses a major flight risk.

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