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Governor Cuomo Announces Groundbreaking Proposal to Advance Women’s Equality

NARAL Pro-Choice New York Applauds Cuomo’s Commitment to Break Down Barriers, Improve Women's Lives and Health
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In his annual State of the State address from Albany today, Governor Cuomo announced an omnibus Women’s Equality Act, a groundbreaking agenda to break down barriers to women’s full participation in society and advance their health and well-being.

"Today, with the entire state watching, Governor Cuomo vociferously declared that women’s equality, safety, and reproductive rights will be a priority for New York State in 2013,” said Andrea Miller, President of NARAL Pro-Choice New York. "In the last election, New Yorkers spoke up in support of a woman’s right to make her own reproductive health decisions, recognizing that she cannot participate fully in society if she cannot make the choices that are best for her and her family. Today Governor Cuomo demonstrated loud and clear that he understands and shares that commitment.”

A central component of the Women’s Equality Act is the Reproductive Health Act, which addresses critical flaws in New York’s current abortion law, making it possible for a woman to make her own health care decisions during pregnancy, especially if her health is in danger.

"NARAL Pro-Choice New York is proud that the Governor takes seriously the very real problems women face in this state, from limits on reproductive rights to barriers to critical health care services to inequality in the workplace and more,” Miller continued. "As elected officials across the country continue to push legislation that makes life harder for women, particularly by attacking women’s reproductive rights, we are proud to have a governor who is clearly dedicated to putting New York at the forefront in the nation in helping women and their families lead better, safer, healthier lives.”

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