NARAL Pro-Choice New York
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NARAL Pro-Choice New York engages in advocacy efforts and educational campaigns to promote and protect access to the full range of reproductive health options for all New Yorkers.
Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act
The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act of 2015” (CCCA), is legislation aimed at protecting and enhancing New Yorkers’ access to cost-free contraception under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Teen Outreach Reproductive CHallenge (TORCH)
The Teen Outreach Reproductive CHallenge, known as TORCH®, is our nationally recognized youth program that combines peer sexual and reproductive health education and leadership training for New York City high school students.

Book of Choices
The Book of Choices is a comprehensive, online resource guide for women facing unintended pregnancies in New York State. It provides information about where to get an abortion, as well as resources about adoption and parenting for those who choose to continue their pregnancies.

CPC Education Project

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are anti-choice organizations that pose as legitimate reproductive health care facilities in order to intentionally misinform women about abortion and birth control. We are working to expose CPCs and raise public awareness of their tactics, so they can no longer deceive New York’s women.
Insurance Coverage of Abortion
Insurance coverage of abortion has become a major new front in the war on choice. Our state has long sort to ensure that all women, regardless of where their insurance comes from, have coverage for abortion. As New York begins to implement health care reform, we’re working to keep it that way.

Sex Education Project
Young people need honest information about sexual and reproductive health in order to make empowered decisions and stay healthy. We are working to ensure that all New York teens receive age-appropriate, medically-accurate, comprehensive sex education programs in public schools.

Electoral Work
NARAL Pro-Choice New York works to elect pro-choice officials and hold them accountable to our mission or protecting and promoting access to the full range of reproductive options here in New York.  Our history of success and the relationships we’ve built give us unparalleled access to elected leaders and policy decision makers at the highest levels.

To find your elected officials, see our latest endorsements, or find out more about our election activities, click here.
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