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Sex Education Initiatives

We are working to ensure that all New York public school students receive age-appropriate, medically-accurate, comprehensive sex education they need to stay safe.
The problem
The need for comprehensive sex education in New York City is great. Nearly half of all public high school students in the city have had sex. New York City consistently has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country. Teens account for one in four STD diagnoses in the city.

For many years, we have worked with allied organizations in the Sex Education Alliance of New York City (SEANYC) to advocate for universal standards for comprehensive sex education in the city’s public school system. Investing in such programs is critical in order to combat the sexual and reproductive health crisis we face.

The hub
In August of 2011, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) took groundbreaking action in requiring comprehensive sex education for New York City public school students. Effective in January 2012, all New York City public middle and high schools are required to teach comprehensive sex education as part of the required semester each of health education. Our Sex Ed and the City Online Hub will provide you with the information you need to understand sex education policy in New York City and how you can support our schools in their efforts to keep teens healthy and safe.

Our report
In 2010, we released a report on the state of sex education in the New York City. Interviews with parents, teachers, and students revealed how sex education in New York City public schools is inconsistent, with many schools failing to give students the information they need to prevent unintended pregnancies and STIs, make informed and healthy decisions, and keep themselves safe.

State-wide comprehensive sex education trigger bill
We are working with our partner organizations and allies in Albany to pass a sex education trigger bill in New York State. This bill that would ensure that any school or district in the state that chooses to teach sex education would be required to teach a comprehensive, medically-accurate, age-appropriate curriculum.
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